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Presentation Tips

Click the links below to find out how to make your presentations more successful.

Essential Presentation Skills

Here we expose the three essential pieces of information that can make your presentation fly. Most of these are common sense, but you'd be surprised how often they are missed out.

Presentation Tips

Tips to improve your presentation skills and powerpoint slide design.

Presentation Nerves

You've heard it said many times before - the fear of speaking is considered by many as their number one fear, outdistancing death and divorce. There are legendary stories of entertainment superstars who undergo extraordinary episodes of stage fright immediately before they perform...

Boring Presentations

Presentation training has a lot to answer for. To help you overcome nerves, they teach you to focus on one person in the room who is smiling at you. The problem is that this can lull you in to a sense of false security. You may just have missed the fact that you are sending them all to sleep.

Effective Presentation

Find a "Hook" for your next presentation. How do you distinguish yourself from other speakers so audience members will not forget you? You don't want to blend in with other speakers so that neither your message nor you are remembered.

Presentation Skills

Presentations are one of the most important skills of the modern world. So, with so much advice on offer, how do we decide what is the best advice to take?

Multimedia Presentations

Why is it that companies spend so much money in getting in front of potential prospects - telemarketing and direct mail has never been inexpensive - and yet, they spend so little on the actual presentations that are supposed to make the customer buy their product or services?

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